Spade Acoustic Foam Panels for Soundproofing Studio/Home Theater

2 Piece Set of Spade Acoustical Foam Panels (Color-Charcoal Grey) for Soundproofing Studio/Home Theater Model 2-Spade-69x45x2

This package comes with 2 spade acoustic foam panels.  One is edgeless and meassures 66 inches by 43 inches.  The other Spade panel is edged and measures 69 inches by 45 inches.  Both panels have a 2 inch thickness and together will cover over 40 square feet.

With a free-form appearance to accompany its sound absorption and clarifying qualities, the Acoustic Spade panels provide a rippling, non-angular look to any space where they are mounted. With a finished outside border and an edgeless style, these two compression-cut designs are available in an interlocking 2-piece set. The size of these echo-absorbing panels makes them excellent materials for effectively treating large sections of a room at once. When mounting multiple Acoustic Spade panels with matching border designs, a uni-direction appearance can be created, or, by rotating every other piece 180 degrees, an alternating, mirrored look can be achieved.


  • Quantity = 2 Piece Set
  • Edged Panel Size = (69 x 45) Inches
  • Edgeless Panel Size = (66 x 43) Inches
  • Thickness = 2 Inches
  • Color = Charcoal Grey

Flammability Test Results

  • Class A
  • 25 Flame Spread Index
  • 250 Smoke Spread Index


Our foam is specially made to withstand elements like harsh, direct lighting, the physical contact of manual handling, and of course, sound waves. Unlike other brands, our soundproofing foam will never crumble or harden, so the only cleaning required is the occasional vacuuming of dust. You can trust that our foam will remain soft and in sound acoustical condition for years to come

Special Shipping

Please allow 4 to 6 business day for tracking to update.   Our Acoustical foam products are cut and packaged at the time of order in order to provide a top quality product.  Acoustical foam that is packaged for long periods can become deformed over time.