High Speed Active HDMI Cable with RedMere-28AWG Long for Xbox 3D-Blu-ray Playstation

Active High Speed HDMI Cable With RedMere Model M-6212611

Reliably connect your home theater equipment to greater by using this Select Active Series High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere® Technology.  These cables work great for 4K, 3D, Playstation, Xbox, Blu-ray.

These Active High Speed HDMI Cables are directional and are marked on both the connector and with a tag as Source and Display.  Also only one Active HDMI cable should be used per cable run even if you are using a switch, splitter, or matrix.

The cable uses 28 AWG conductors and is VW-1 rated, which means that cable has been designed to comply with fire safety codes and insurance requirements, making it safe for use inside the walls of residential class buildings.

TIP: It is a good idea to test cables and connections before installing them inside a wall. If there are any issues or problems, we can help you resolve them before you spend the time, effort, and expense of installing them inside the walls.


Cable Description

  • Active signal regeneration to ensure accurate reproduction over longer distances
  • 10.2Gbps data throughput
  • VW-1 in-wall fire safety rating
  • 28AWG copper conductors
  • Gold plated connectors

Supported HDMI Features:

  • 1080p Resolution
  • Audio Return Channel
  • 3D Video
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel
  • 4K resolution at 24 Hz
  • Deep Color up to 16 - bits per channel
  • x.v.Color
  • High Definition Audio including SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and Dolby TrueHD™.