RCA Stereo Audio(Male/Male)Cable for Surround Sound/DVD/Blu-Ray/TV

Stereo RCA Audio(Male/Male)Cable Premium 22Awg RG-59/U Cord Model M-155346

This premium two-channel audio cable is made of RG-59 75 ohm coaxial cable. The cable uses a 22AWG conductor and is shielded to prevent EMI or RFI interference from entering your audio system. The connectors are gold plated, for smooth connections and to prevent corrosion. Each connector head features embedded, color-coded rubber rings to ensure a firm grip when installing or removing the cable.

Despite the introduction of more advanced audio and video signal cables, such as HDMI® and Toslink, most audio and a large number of video connections still use the common RCA connector such as DVD, Blu-Ray, or TV for connecting to your Stereo or Home theater surround sound system.  This cable supports a stereo, (Left & Right), analog signal and does Not support the Doby digital Surround Sound 5.1 or 7.1 signals.


  • Cable Type - Analog RCA (Stereo Audio) Cable.
  • Color Coded - White & Red
  • Cable Constuction - Shielded RG-59/U Coaxial Cable
  • Connector Construction - Gold Plated Connectors & Fully Molded