4 Channel Balanced XLR Male to Female Snake Cable for Studio Interconnect

4-Channel Balanced XLR Male to XLR Female Snake Cable for Studio Interconnect Cord Model M-308764

Get 4-channel, professional, balanced audio XLR cable snakes for less than you're used to paying for each XLR cable alone!

Balanced audio cables utilize impedance balanced lines that reduce EM and RF noise and extend the effective range of the cable run. Additionally, unlike standard unbalanced RCA interconnects that utilizes their braid as a signal return, balanced cables have a separate braided shield to provide additional resistance to interference without modulating the interference into the signal. This prevents ground loop issues.

These XLR cable snakes feature four sets of male-to-female XLR cables assembled into a single, soft and durable, cable jacket. Each XLR connector has a silver metal housing and is connected with a color coded wire, so you can quickly and easily make the right connections the first time, every time.


  • 25 AWG Stranded Copper Wire Conduits.
  • Balanced Connections
  • Color Coded:  Red, Blue, White, & Yellow
  • Metallic Graphite Colored Connector Housings
  • Robber Strain Relief Boots.

The cables are colored red, blue, white, and yellow. The connector housings are metal with plastic and rubber cable boots to reduce strain on the physical connection.