High Speed Active HDMI Cable with Performance Cabernet IC Chip for UHDTV

Active High Speed HDMI  Cable with Performance Cabernet IC Chip CL2 Rated Model M-9712738

Reliably connect your home theater equipment to greater by using this Active Series High Speed HDMI® Cable with Cabernet Ultra CL2 IC Chip technology.  The Cabernet series of Active High Speed HDMI Cables is designed to meet the demanding needs of home theater installers and contractors. The attractive zinc-alloy connectors offer a simple elegance and beauty to the exterior portions of your installation. Rated for 10.2Gbps for lengths over 50 feet, these cables are certified to accurately transmit all of the features supported in the latest HDMI specification..

These Active High Speed HDMI Cables are directional and are marked on the connector as Source and TV.

These cables use 100% pure copper conductors and are CL2 rated, which means that cable has been designed to comply with fire safety codes and insurance requirements, making it safe for use inside the walls of residential class buildings.

TIP: It is a good idea to test cables and connections before installing them inside a wall. If there are any issues or problems, we can help you resolve them before you spend the time, effort, and expense of installing them inside the walls.


Cable Description

  • Built-in active signal processing IC chip for accurate signal reproduction over longer distances
  • 10.2 Gbps data throughput
  • CL2 in-wall fire safety rating
  • 100% pure copper conductors
  • Resists electromagnetic and radio frequency interference with shielded zinc-alloy connector heads
  • Connects to a wide variety of sources such as: (PlayStation®, Xbox®, Satellite Receivers, Blu-ray Disc™ players, etc.) and destination devices (HDTVs, DVRs, switches, extenders, etc.) with HDMI connectors (Type A)
  • Gold plated connectors

Supported HDMI Features:

  • 4K resolution at 24 Hz for lengths over 50 feet
  • Audio Return Channel
  • 3D Video
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel
  • UHDTV - (Ultra High Definition TV 4320 Resolution)
  • 1080p Resolution
  • x.v.Color
  • High Definition Audio including SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and Dolby TrueHD™.